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Welcome to our Wellness Clinic in Bend, Oregon. Lind Chiropractic is the only wellness clinic in Central Oregon to provide Functional Medicine, Chiropractic Care and Brain Based Neurological Therapy (BBT) under one roof. With this combination of tools we are able to help people find relief from many chronic conditions.

It is our personal goal to provide you with hope, trust and a life with less pain. You will have a better understanding of your current condition and experience the natural, alternative treatment options available for it. We are deeply committed to regaining your health without medication or surgical procedures.

Natural Solutions for Chronic Health Conditions & Pain Relief

Bend Chiropractor with a natural curesIn our clinic, the latest cutting-edge technologies and safe, natural alternative health solutions are combined to treat chronic health conditions that most doctors treat with drugs or surgically. Dr. Lind, our resident chiropractor, focuses on techniques and treatments that are PROVEN to work, identifying and fixing the issues your body has, rather than just covering up the symptoms temporarily with drugs.

Alternative Treatment & Therapy

Chiropractic Treatment

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We provide advanced spinal correction utilizing “state-of-the-art” chiropractic techniques that very few chiropractors in Bend have mastered. Newer corrective methods are safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before. With decades of experience, Dr. Lind produces excellent results treating both injuries and chronic conditions.

Functional Medicine

Chiropractor Offering Functional Medicine Strategies
This process seeks to uncover the root causes of your symptoms and works to correct the imbalances in your metabolic system that have caused them. We then treat your body as an interactive system, using all natural nutritional protocols and high quality nutraceuticals.

Functional Neurology

Chiropractic Neurologist Works his Magic
Our brain is the “air traffic controller” of our body and tangled signals can often cause a confusing array of symptoms. Using Brain Based Therapy, we help untangle these signals, greatly improving your quality of life and reducing the severity of many chronic conditions

How Do I Get Started?

We make it easy for you to learn if you are a candidate for care. Simply call our office at 541-389-3072 and schedule your consultation. If you have recent lab work, x-rays or MRI reports, please bring them to your appointment so your Bend chiropractor, Dr. Lind, can review them and make an informed assessment of the treatment options available for you.

Our website has many pages of information, reports and videos that are designed to help you understand the root causes of your symptoms. Feel free to look around. By providing them we hope to help you improve your quality of life.

About The Chiropractor

Dr. Tim Lind is considered one of the best and most experienced chiropractors in Bend as well as in the whole state of Oregon. He has over 20 years of experience serving patients with chronic conditions and chiropractic concerns. If you are looking for a chiropractor that can really help you overcome your pain and condition, Dr. Lind is definitely the specialist you can trust. Learn more about the top chiropractor in Bend here.

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