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Lind Chiropractic Clinic

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Chronic Pain

Explaining back pain with x-raysAbout 85 percent of the population will experience disabling, low back pain at least once during their lives! That’s almost all of us. The problem is so bad that, at any one time, 6.8 percent of the U.S. adult population is suffering from an episode of back pain lasting more than two weeks. That’s a lot of bad backs. The estimated cost of this problem in the U.S. is over $50 billion a year. Doc Lind performs a Chiropractic adjustment

“I was in so much pain that I could not perform my daily activities. Everything I did caused pain. I was told by doctors to get out and exercise and that it was all in my head. I came to Dr. Lind and he agreed, it was in my head but for different reasons! I feel so much better and I can now bowl again.”
– Lois L.-

I take a different treatment approach to back pain and many other conditions.  I assess someone not only physically but neurologically and metabolically as well!  Neurologic and metabolic treatment are based on specific testing.  You see, back pain can have many different causes and unless they all are addressed, the actual problem may remain undetected.

“I was having lower back pain that stopped me from doing my job. Chest pains that came and went. I missed a lot of work and ran up medical bills. I was seeing several medical doctors and still no relief. Once I came to Dr. Lind, my back pains went away and my chest pains are almost gone. I wish I had seen Dr. Lind many years ago. My back is feeling the best it has felt in 35 years!”
-Michael M. (patient of 7 yrs.)-

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