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Lind Chiropractic Clinic

444 NE Norton Ave Ste 102


Bend, OR 97701 4389

(541) 389-3072


“I had tried going to other doctors and chiropractors and had minimal or no results at all. After coming just a few times, I was no longer having any headaches or nausea. I now have so much more energy and with the pain gone, it’s made me want to get out and go all the time!” -KC-

“Being Against Medication…I Saw Dr. Lind…”

“I suffered from a bad snowboarding accident, in which I hit my head pretty hard, causing excruitiating pain in my neck, and terrible migranes. I was treated by a doctor who prescribed heavy pain pills for temporary relief. Being against medication and seeking corrective treatment, I saw Dr. Lind, and found immediate relief! I no longer have the severe neck pains, or migranes Many thanks to Dr. Lind for giving my youth back, and allowing me to get back on my snowboard painfree!”


“I Continue to Improve with his Help.”

“I had been having headaches over my left eye that were becoming more and more frequent. When I would get these, I wouldnt be able to do my routine and had to lay down. I would even have to vomit when they got bad. I have been impressed with the treatment from Dr. Lind. I’ve only had 2 headaches in 6 weeks which hasn’t happened in years. I continue to improve with his help. “

-Linda M-

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