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MIgraines & Chronic Headaches

Migrane headaches

Headaches can ruin your life.

The migraine headache is perhaps the best known special type of headache.  It is really called the migraine syndrome.  By syndrome we mean that a lot of things accompany the headache-all of them bad.  Symptoms include dizziness, visual problems, “spots” before the eyes, redness, swelling, tearing of the eyes, muscle contraction, irritability, nausea, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea.  These symptoms often arise before the headache hits.  The headache itself may last for a few minutes to a few days, and the severity may range from minor discomfort to immobilizing agony.

“I had been having headaches over my left eye that were becomming more and more frequent. When I would get these, I wouldnt be able to do my routine and had to lay down. I would even have to vomit when they got bad. I have been impressed with the treatment from Dr. Lind. I’ve only had 2 headaches in 6 weeks which hasn’t happened in years. I continue to improve with his help. “

                                                                           -Linda M

Migraine headaches can be classified into two types:  classical and common.  The classical migraine is a headache that follows and aura or some type of spontaneous event such as numbness or tingling.  The aura may be flashes of light, squiggly lines, or a halo effect.  The common migraine does not have an aura associated with it.  Most people who suffer from migraines suffer from common migraines-usually at a 3:1 ratio.

Approximately 28 million Americans suffer from migraines, and millions go without treatment.  Scientists once thought migraines were caused by abnormally dilated or enlarged blood vessels.  Now, new imaging devices have allowed them to watch brains during migraine attacks, and scientists are discovering that sufferers have abnormally excitable neurons or brain nerve cells.

“I had tried going to other doctors and chiropractors and had minimal or no results at all. After coming just a few times, I was no longer having any headaches or nausea. I now have so much more energy and with the pain gone, it’s made me want to get out and go all the time!”

                                                                                               – KC-

I take a different approach to the treatment and prevention of headaches and migraines.  We treat you not only physically, but neurologically and metabolically as well!!   This is because headaches can be caused from a combination of things you may not have considered including  a lack of oxygen to the brain, low blood sugar, malfunctioning thyroid or overworked adrenals to name a few.  Everything needs to be evaluated in order to determine to cause of your headaches.  After a thorough neurological examination  and metabolic evaluation,  we can see what is the root cause of the headaches.  Once this is determined, treatment and relief can begin!

For more information or to see if you might be a candidate for these breakthrough treatment programs give us a call at 541-389-3072 to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation.

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