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Weight Loss


The Platinum Weight Loss Program is a doctor supervised program that not only effectively accomplishes the goal of weight loss, but also helps reset the body’s metabolism. The typical person will lose between 20 and 30 pounds in 6 weeks. How much weight someone loses is dependent upon many factors. These things will be discussed with you.

The Platinum Weight Loss Program is not pre-packaged foods, pills or shakes. It is eating good quality foods on a daily basis. The Platinum Weight Loss program uses a formulated supplement that is under the guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States. The Platinum Weight Loss Program allows the body to metabolize fat and use it as energy.

The proprietary formula uses only quality ingredients that work. Our unique formula has many advantages such as added natural appetite suppressants, energy supplements and more to help optimize this weight loss program to the fullest. Patients report to us on a daily basis that they really do feel much better and have less hunger issues on the formula. The goal of the Platinum Weight Loss Program is to help “re-set” the body’s metabolism allowing effect and efficient fat burn.

It is an extremely safe program. Currently there are no known side affects. When combining Platinum homeopathic weight loss drops with a low calorie diet, the homeopathic drops keeps the body from burning muscle for energy. This allows the body to use fat for energy, which is a natural process.

CALL (541) 389-3072 to see if you qualify for our program!

weight loss
I thought that in the beginning the program would be difficult, like all of the other weight loss programs I have tried, however, it was easy! The pounds came off faster than I ever thought they would too. I am very glad I did this, and with Dr. Lind’s support, it only made losing weight easier!” -D.D.-

I lost 2 pant sizes and my energy is through the roof! My husband says it is like he is married to a completely different person! I feel great!” -P.K.-

So much exhaustion and physical pain was interfering with my life. Since seeing Dr. Lind I am losing weight, the pain is gone and my family is so happy to have their mom back!” -J.L.-

I have been on numerous diets over the years. Trying all of the latest and greatest diets on the market, only to gain my weight right back (if not MORE!). Frustrated with all of the yo-yo dieting, I was very skeptical to start another weight loss program, however, when I started to see my weight effortlessly drop, I regained hope. I am two weeks into the progam and have already lost and kept off 10 pounds, and down an entire dress size! I can’t believe how much more energy I have too! Dr. Lind’s program is healthy, safe, EASY and definately EFFECTIVE!” -J.M-

My life has completely turned around since coming to Dr. Lind. I was very tired and just not feeling well. Since seeing Dr. Lind, I have lost 22 pounds and feel like a completely different person!” -L.E.-

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