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Lind Chiropractic Clinic

444 NE Norton Ave Ste 102


Bend, OR 97701 4389

(541) 389-3072

Where To Begin

Doc Linds officeCalling our office to schedule your initial evaluation is a good start.

Two visits are needed for this and include:

  • A thorough case history where Dr. Lind will listen…really listen, to your concerns, goals, and dreams for a better future. It is important that Dr. Lind understands who you are and what you hope to gain from any treatment he prescribes.
  • A fresh look at all of your most recent lab work using a functional method of analysis. This process helps determine the type of further testing that would best suit you. Most people need to have the gaps in testing filled in before Dr. Lind can recommend the best course of action.
  • A functional neurological “screening” evaluation, if needed. Many long term chronic pain sufferers not only experience metabolic symptoms but also neurological and structural challenges as well. It is important that we understand your complete state-of-health at the onset of care. This provides us with a good benchmark to measure the effectiveness of any treatment plan prescribed.
  • Dr. Lind’s special analysis and expertise in putting together all of the pieces of the puzzle for you. Isn’t it time that we unravel the mystery behind why you are feeling so poorly?
  • The cost of the Consultation is $129 and is due at the time of service, regardless of insurance coverage (we will reimburse you if your insurance should pay).

We encourage you to bring your spouse or loved one/care taker at least during your follow up visit, if not both. We cover many important aspects that two people can remember better. At times, a close family member will offer additional information that can clarify some of Dr. Lind’s questions.

If accepted into care, all future fees for your specific care plan will be discussed at that time. Certain areas of the program will not be covered by your insurance and other aspects may be covered by your particular provider. We will let you know all the details once we determine if you qualify for our Care Program.

We have a variety of affordable payment methods including M-Lend and Advance Care. We will work with you to make sure you can receive the care that you need. Finances are rarely an issue for our patients.

OUT-OF-STATE? (or traveling a long distance?) Not a problem. We can easily manage your case by phone and email. Test requisitions, kits, follow-up questionnaires and supplements can all be conveniently mailed directly to your home.

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